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I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Speyrer and the Classic Anatomy Gym. Steve possesses a vast knowledge of resistance training and he has assisted hundreds of weight trainers at all levels. I have known Steve for years and he is a breath of fresh air to the natural bodybuilding world. Steve is an honest man who provides every effort to improve others as well as serve as an outstanding role model for all of his trainees. The Classic Anatomy Gym is fully furnished with strong, hard core equipment suitable for any trainee at any level. My only wish is that every young trainee should have a Steve Speyrer as a trainer. He sets the bar for all other gyms and trainers.

Bob Gallucci

Natural Mr. America

Collegiate Mr. America

Teenage Mr. America

Steve Speyrer is an outstanding example of the natural physique, both as a trainer and as a competitor. I would recommend him and his Classic Anatomy Gym System to any potential trainee.

Wayne Gallasch - Champion Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Writer & Film Maker

Routines come and go, but I have found this unique method both refreshing and innovative. Steve's novel approach to diet and exercise maintains a high level of enthusiasm by making fitness fun. I highly recommend this system, particularly to those who in the past may have been reluctant to commit to an exercise program. This is a different and intelligent approach to good health.

Steve Michalik - Mr. America, Mr.USA, Mr. Universe - Personal trainer and author of the book Atomic Fitness

"Recently through a friend's referral I was directed to Steve Speyrer's website. I must declare that during my visit to his website I was amazed and overjoyed with the anabolic drug-free theme he presented. I am always looking for ways to boost raw strengh and pack on pounds of fresh new muscle growth naturally and I quickly snaped up his "Drug-Free" Bodybuilding System. I have been involved in the iron game for over 40 years and I am more than pleasantly surprised with all the encapsulated 'how-to' information that can be used right away in ones training and nutrition plan."

Dennis B. Weis - Author of Mass!, Raw Muscle!, Anabloic Muscle Mass, HUGE & FREAKY and MuscleMag International Columnist

Dear Steve,

You have shown me that you are a man of integrity, honor, and are always willing to help others in time of need.

There is no doubt, that you will help many, because it is coming from your heart.

Your dedication, consistence and success in the sport of bodybuilding qualify you as a reputable trainer.

May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly.


Anibal Lopez - Pro Mr. America & Pro Mr. World

Most overdo training with too heavy weights and bad form. Mr. Steve Speyrer is an experienced trainer. Under the watchful eyes of this professional trainer and nutrition expert you will avoid mistakes and save time.

As a competition bodybuilder and powerlifter, he knows what he's talking about, and as an idol to many, he gets his clients motivated.

Wilfried Dubbels - Mr. Germany

Who better to give training advice than natural bodybuilding champion Steve Speyrer? To accomplish what he has, Steve has had to learn a lot about anatomy and physiology, muscle hypertrophy, diet, recuperation, discipline and goal setting. Even more importantly, Steve has a history of training others successfully in his Classic Anatomy Gym.

Dr. Richard Baldwin - Mr. America

Steve Speyrer is one of the most passionate advocates of bodybuilding for health I have met. To this day I credit him with bringing me back from the bodybuilding dead. - Dan Lurie

Dan Lurie - 3 Time Winner of Most Muscular Man In America

Industry writer and editor, Greg Sushinsky, was dead-on when he referred to Steve Speyrer as a "gem" working within the Iron Game. Steve is in fact an expert on natural bodybuilding and runs an excellent personal training model out of his private facility in Louisiana. However, there is something more to this special man that I wish to share. During the several year quest in writing "Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors", I lost my eyesight at the beginning of 2005. This literally stymied the book's progress for several months. I was lost in many ways as to how I would continue the project since it required so much research. Steve was one of a number of individuals that I had never met before in person who stepped forward to offer his assistance in any way he could. Where a good number of people were so kind in reading to me material here and there, Steve went WAY beyond and gave me hours upon hours of his personal time constantly reaching for his incredible private library. He would read to me over the phone as I took notes using speech software. This took enormous patience as I struggled to take his dictation while he calmly read entire chapters to me. I swear he read damn near the entire content of George Butler's 1990 portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger. How many people would do such a gracious act? He never showed any signs of restlessness or impatience. Steve Speyrer has been a true gift to me personally and professionally. I can't express my gratitude enough for what he just openly gave to me so generously. I am sincerely grateful!

Randy Roach

Author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

Steve is someone I met just when I finished writing Sergio Oliva The Myth's book. Right away he earned my friendship and respect. Personally I think Steve is one of the few people left in the sport that you can trust. Professionally he is very knowledgeable and if I had to pick someone to train me, I'd choose Steve because of his reputation, experience, and success without any hesitation. I recommend Steve's Classic Anatomy Gym System to any person that wants to get in shape.

Frank Marchante

Author of Sergio Oliva The Myth

I have been involved with the great sport of bodybuilding for over forty-seven

years. During that time I have seen many come and go. Steve Speyrer is one

individual who is here to stay.

His reputation among the successful of this business is second to none.

Young or old, male or female... Steve Speyrer is one of the leading forces

behind the health and fitness industry.

Put simply... he knows what he is doing and he knows how to do it. With

Steve you don't need anyone or anything else.

Reputation, experience, success, and honesty are words that come to mind

when I hear Steve's name. There is none finer nor any better than Steve


Alan Palmieri - Champion Wrestler, Bodybuilder, Writer and Mayor

I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Speyrer and his training principals, because he advocates the natural way of building the human body through proper training and good nutrition!

Steve will teach you the right way!

Ron Kosloff - Writer and Owner of NSP Research Nutrition

Steve Speyrer is the real deal. In an era when most personal trainers lack the years of experience necessary to provide their clients with the results they desire, Steve Speyrer stands alone. For decades, Steve has practiced what he preaches, and his reputation as a masterful trainer speaks volumes. His vast history as a natural bodybuilder, weightlifter, and knowledgeable author are etched in stone.

Steve Speyrer is someone you can wholeheartedly put your trust in and I confidently endorse his Classic Anatomy Gym and training principles as among the best.

Mario Strong - Legendary Champion Natural Bodybuilder, Gym Owner, Contest Promoter, Bodybuilding Judge, Trainer and Author

"I have worked with Steve in a professional capacity for years. During

which time I have found him to be a very knowledgable and thorough

individual. Steve approaches life with a level of integrity and enthusiasm

that is infectious and the results he helps his personal training clients

achieve are nothing short of spectacular."

David Robson: Health and Fitness writer, Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder.

"I know Steve Speyrer not only as a drug-free, natural champion bodybuilder and powerlifter, but also as a great instructor through his Classic Anatomy Gym, as well as his articles. He is truly one of the best, most knowledgable, innovative and caring trainers around. Steve not only trains bodybuilders, lifters, athletes and fitness people, but ordinary people--including young people, who just want to get into better shape and enjoy life without a lot of hassle, time and trouble.

Steve's Classic Anatomy Gym System is unique, with easy to use exercise and eating programs that can fit anyone's lifestyle. And the best thing about his programs is they work!

You will get tremendous benefits from using Steve Speyrer's Classic Anatomy Gym System, with Steve motivating, inspring and guiding you every step of the way. He cares that you succeed, and if you follow his system, you will. I highly recommend Steve's Classic Anatomy Gym System."

--Greg Sushinsky - Writer and Natural Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

Steve Speyrer is a respected expert in the field of health and fitness, with many years of experience as a trainer, gym owner, author and successful drug free bodybuilder and power lifter.

I know Steve personally and feel that his intelligent approach and time-proven methods coupled with his personal integrity and sincere desire to help others will make his program a valuable tool for all seeking to improve their fitness.

Arley Vest - Champion Bodybuilder, Contest Promoter and Owner of Lazarus Lab

"Steve is a man that has applied sound, natural training and diet to achieve success in his chosen field of weight training. His honesty and knowledge will help people reach their goals and nothing would make Steve more happy because he is a sincere individual."

Kenny Guess -Bodybuilding Champion and Writer

"Steve is the most organized and responsive gym owner I've ever encountered. I've always trained in my home gym, but his gym would be my choice if I resided in his area."

Clarence Bass - Bodybuilding Champion and Writer

It is an Honor for me to Recommend my Dear Friend Steve Speyrer.

He is a Very Knowledgeable Trainer in the Sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness. He is a Great Example to all those looking to make Gains and Improve in their Endeavors.

Joe Nazario

IFBB Mr. Eastern America


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

IFBB Mr. International

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