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Hall of Fame

Some people involved in Bodybuilding... work endlessly to promote the Best Interests of the Sport, but many are sometimes never recognized for their efforts.

Through my Classic Anatomy Gym Bodybuilding Hall of Fame Award... I want to show my Support and Appreciation for their Hard Work and Dedication to our Sport.

The most important consideration for their Membership is Selflessness. Someone willing to help out others and never expect anything in return. This is a rare commodity in today's world.

There are many "Un-Sung" Heroes in our Sport. Some are "Past Greats"...who are now often forgotten. People that inspired a whole generation of Bodybuilders to reach their full potential. Newcomers to the sport tend to only know current names and faces.

There are Bodybuilding Writers, Photographers and Videographers... who deserve to be Remembered and Honored. People who "Lead the Way" in this Sport, before Fitness became "Big Business".

2005 Members:

Alan Palmieri

Dan Lurie

Wilfried Dubbels

Richard Baldwin

Anibal Lopez

Greg Sushinsky

Dennis Weis

2006 Members:

Wayne Gallasch

Sergio Oliva

Ron Kosloff

Steve Michalik

Clarence Bass

Don Howorth

Steve Davis

Doris Barrilleaux

2007 Members:

Vince Gironda

Steve Reeves

2008 Members:

Robert Nailon

2009 Members:

Randy Roach

David Robson

Mario Strong

Les Spendlove


2010 Members:

Bob Gallucci

Dave Draper

2011 Members:

Tom Ciola

Dan Przyojski

2012 Members:

Daryl Conant

Doug Brolus

Jim Karas

Roy Perrott

2013 Members:

Charles Atlas

John Grimek

2014 Members:

John Hansen

The search continues!